Activities & Things to Do in Palenque

Around Palenque’s areas visitors find interesting places to practice from simple to challenging activities; visitors can appreciate the beauty of natural reserves, waterfalls or being able to experience flying on paragliding.


Ecotourism is a peaceful activity that helps creating awareness on visitors. It can be practiced by simply walking, horseback riding, observing vegetal species and animals on its natural habitat from close distance; you can also go for a photo safari, trekking, and hiking, excursions to safe and beautiful places. The jungle which the Palenque’s community and archaeological zone are settled within reaches up to 3, 500 km2 of extension.

The most ideal zones to practice these simple but fun activities include the outer sylvan areas of Palenque Archaeological Zone, The National Park Cascadas de Agua Azul, the beautiful landscapes of Agua Clara and Misol-Ha.


Some of the most prestigious hotels nearby Palenque ruins feature spa service, where visitors delight releasing all their stress, enjoying from massage sessions and facial, body or alternative treatments, among those, we can emphasize the Temazcal, a steam bath of native tradition.


Only at few kilometers from Palenque you can find Agua Clara, a beautiful place of rich jungle perfect to practice kayaking. Here, fearless enthusiasts drift along dodging rocky formations among small waterfalls and tunnels of water; a true adventure that will stick in your long lasting memories.

River Rafting

The rafting experience is a matchless adventure that Chiapas state is honored to offer to its tourists. The Usumacinta River is Guatemala’s border and is also a large river where enthusiasts can take on a kayak or boat tour going down the longest river in Central America. The most recommendable season is between the months of July and October due to ecosystem conditions, when the river flows is at its best.

Ultralight Flight

One of the most exciting adventures is flying out in the sky feeling the adrenaline rush while you admire amazing views. The Cascadas de Agua Azul National Park offers this service so that enthusiasts can accomplish this experience and be blown away by amazing sylvan landscapes.