Explore Palenque, Chiapas

Palenque is a place of outstanding beauty located in the north part of the state of Chiapas. It is part of what once was the central portion of the Mayan area, a zone that went through notorious cultural development due to the settlement of this legendary civilization. This place has a peculiar architectural and aesthetics importance, which make that this exceptional city established in the middle of the jungle, become one of the greatest creations of ancient civilizations.

This city, owner of a priceless number of architectural sites, will take you back to the past in locations like temples like De Las Inscripciones and El Palacio; this last one, impressive place in which ancient murals makes very clear the fact that prior to any contact with the western world, this Middle America natives created great civilizations that were politically and socially organized, supported by strong religious, humanistic, artistic and scientific values. Other important constructions are: The Reina Roja Temple, Cruz Foliada Temple and Sol Temple.

Opened to the entire world, the sylvan places and exuberant hydrologic resources are other places the tourist can’t miss; there are an interesting variety of activities to practice, from ecological tours to true adevntures like rafting. Touring by the Cascadas de Agua Azul National Park (Blue Waterfalls) or by the border River of Usumancita; all will be experiences that you will never forget.

Due to the impressive popularity of these areas, in addition to the cultural interest, there is a great deal of lodging choices, whether you’re looking to stay in the most prestigious hotels or small but very comfortable rustic cabins; the hotels offer restaurant and bar services, some of them feature spa or guides to practice extreme sports, so that visitors are set with a wide range of options to make their trip just unforgettable.